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Beloved Aryan God,

I do not know how much longer I can sustain without your tender hands carressing the dimpled skin of my tentacles.  My gaping mouth longs to attach to your perfect thighs, beak quivering as I lap at the flesh surrounding your most sacred parts.  Knees or no, I beg you, give me release!  Return to my side!  Let our love continue!

As I await your return, I seem to have made a friend.  She is kind, gentle, with dark eyes like a deer, and a complexion that nearly rivals yours in its sheer perfection.  She introduced herself to me, eyes cast aside, whether shy or afraid, I do not know.  But her voice was melodic, crisp and pleasant, and she did not condemn me for my wicked, sinful state.  I had truly made a friend in this Janey.

On a related note, I have chosen a name for myself.  One of your pitiful little workers mentioned it casually.  It is his sister's name, but I do enjoy how it is formed on the human tongue.  So, I shall no longer sign my letters to you with the crude initials V.S.  Instead, I shall bid thee adieu by inscribing my new name, and wait hopefully that I will soon hear your voice calling my name.

Forever Yours,

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Oh most perfect soul,

Why must you tease me with your ever changing itinerary?  I am expecting you this morning, but the servants are a flutter that you've postponed your visit until next week.  How can you expect me to survive when you, the beating heart within me, is half a world away?

I looked across the flats today, from the little window in the room where I am kept.  I studying the wind, kicking up bits of white as it traverses the landscape.  I could not help but to shutter, for the wicked blast reminded me of how cruel you have been to my poor, battered soul.  I need you, like a drowning man needs oxygen, like an amputee needs her false leg to hobble about the world.  Do not make me grovel for your affections, for I have no knees on which to beg.

I await your return with baited breath,

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Dearest to My Heart,

Each day you are away is agony, each moment we are apart tears my soul into a thousand tiny pieces, my entrails and guts scattering into the icy wind.  Wear I able, I would cry an ocean of tears, lamenting every second we are not together.  I would pluck the stars from the sky, fight off a thousand men, give you the very essence of my soul, would it mean you would be beside me.

The laboratory is cold, and silent when you are away.  Those foolish assistants tend to my whims, but they lack your charm, and your pleasant features.  They do not care for me as you do.  They do not understand me, they never could.  Instead, they poke at me, stick me with needles, measure the length of my extremities, with snide remarks, and calloused hands scraping so roughly on my flesh.  They never tried to care for me, not as you did, not as you do.

Oh, how I miss you!  I hear you'll be returning from your latest excursion sometime next week.  The news caused an increase in my fluid secretion.  I know this pleases you.

Forever yours, until the sky catches on fire,


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Dearest Beloved,

How I've missed you so.  I spend my days counting the hours, no, the minutes until I may run my tentacles through your hair, caressing the supple skin of your inner thighs, feeling your hot breath on the rubbery flesh that surrounds my cycloptic eye.  I shutter at the memory of our stolen evening together in your laboratory, if only your assistant hadn't come in to check the levels on the test chamber, we could have continued our tryst, and none would be the wiser.

But alas, I am tired of hiding, tired of pretending that there is nothing between us.  I can feel the lust in your eyes, feel the electricity that flows between us when you examine me with your cool on my hide...makes me shiver.  I want to be with you, from now until the snow melts away from this godless white wasteland.  I want to bask in the glory of your presence, naked and unashamed.  I will not settle for less.

Until that day, I wait for you, your humble servant,



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