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V.S. ([personal profile] vaginasquid) wrote2009-05-10 12:18 pm
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Unthrifty loveliness, why dost thou spend...

Oh most perfect soul,

Why must you tease me with your ever changing itinerary?  I am expecting you this morning, but the servants are a flutter that you've postponed your visit until next week.  How can you expect me to survive when you, the beating heart within me, is half a world away?

I looked across the flats today, from the little window in the room where I am kept.  I studying the wind, kicking up bits of white as it traverses the landscape.  I could not help but to shutter, for the wicked blast reminded me of how cruel you have been to my poor, battered soul.  I need you, like a drowning man needs oxygen, like an amputee needs her false leg to hobble about the world.  Do not make me grovel for your affections, for I have no knees on which to beg.

I await your return with baited breath,