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V.S. ([personal profile] vaginasquid) wrote2009-05-08 03:25 pm
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From fairest creatures we desire increase

Dearest to My Heart,

Each day you are away is agony, each moment we are apart tears my soul into a thousand tiny pieces, my entrails and guts scattering into the icy wind.  Wear I able, I would cry an ocean of tears, lamenting every second we are not together.  I would pluck the stars from the sky, fight off a thousand men, give you the very essence of my soul, would it mean you would be beside me.

The laboratory is cold, and silent when you are away.  Those foolish assistants tend to my whims, but they lack your charm, and your pleasant features.  They do not care for me as you do.  They do not understand me, they never could.  Instead, they poke at me, stick me with needles, measure the length of my extremities, with snide remarks, and calloused hands scraping so roughly on my flesh.  They never tried to care for me, not as you did, not as you do.

Oh, how I miss you!  I hear you'll be returning from your latest excursion sometime next week.  The news caused an increase in my fluid secretion.  I know this pleases you.

Forever yours, until the sky catches on fire,