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V.S. ([personal profile] vaginasquid) wrote2009-05-07 04:27 pm
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Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Dearest Beloved,

How I've missed you so.  I spend my days counting the hours, no, the minutes until I may run my tentacles through your hair, caressing the supple skin of your inner thighs, feeling your hot breath on the rubbery flesh that surrounds my cycloptic eye.  I shutter at the memory of our stolen evening together in your laboratory, if only your assistant hadn't come in to check the levels on the test chamber, we could have continued our tryst, and none would be the wiser.

But alas, I am tired of hiding, tired of pretending that there is nothing between us.  I can feel the lust in your eyes, feel the electricity that flows between us when you examine me with your cool on my hide...makes me shiver.  I want to be with you, from now until the snow melts away from this godless white wasteland.  I want to bask in the glory of your presence, naked and unashamed.  I will not settle for less.

Until that day, I wait for you, your humble servant,